Todays' simile of the day is brought to us by the "Golden Rule." As in - "treat others how you whis to be treated" 

However, building a website is like the Platinum Rule - Treat others how you believe they wish to be treated. 


Think about it, what if a business treated you like it wanted to be treated? It would (potentially) bombard you with information, sales pitches, products, etc. But the platimum rule, that's just good old fashioned user centered design...

August 14, 2013

A Homepage is like a blind date. 

Some are awkward.

Some are desperate.

Some leave you wondering what the hell just happened.

Some dump their entire story on you so why would you need a second date?

Some are trying really hard to get lucky. 

Some are sexy but have no substance. 

Some, you have already stalked their Facebook profile and they're nothing like it. 

Some that are waaaaay older than you thought they'd be....

August 8, 2013

Simile of the day - Building an e-commerce website is like opening a store in the desert. 

Picture a brick building. Clean, well built, trustworthy with a very welcoming entrance and a great sign telling you exactly what is in that brick building. A building that makes you want to purchase from that establishment. It's just that it's sitting in the middle of Death Valley. 

There are no roads and no signs - so there's no foot traffic. You have to build the roads. You...

August 6, 2013