Digital Transformation Resources

I've started a list of resources (mostly whitepapers) and articles relating to the growing digital transformation movement. This list will continue to grow as I come across more and better content. 

Here is a snippet from the first resource on the list from the Guardian. I'm particularlly fond of it as it calls out the over use of this meaningless buzzword:


"Digital transformation, the buzz phrase of the moment, is a term I've heard and used a lot myself in the past couple of years, but I'm still not sure it's clearly understood. This is my definition which I hope clarifies the concept.


First, let's define transformation. Transformation is a whole scale change to the foundational components of a business: from its operating model to its infrastructure. What it sells, to whom and how it goes to market. A transformation programme touches every function of a business; from purchasing, finance human resource, through to operations and technology, sales and marketing. To understand the scope of what transformation means to a business, refer to the value chain model."